Salvage and auction props

Longleat 1983 Convention
A visit in 1986
The Fire Damage
The Re-fit
Working at Longleat
DR WHO DAYS 2001-2003
Salvage and auctions props/contribtution
my work on events
making Asylum Of The Daleks

click here to play video of SEASON 20 CONSOLE refurbished by MBH

The BBC's remake (left) & the original (right)1983
After filming the 50th anniversary trailer I was given this by the BBC as a thank U for contributing

click here to play video of TARDIS console (season 20) refurbished by MBH

DALEK featured in the50th anniversary BBC1 trailer
This is a part original/replica 1970s Pertwee era Dalek from Planet Of The Daleks! at Excel

DALEKs at the Doctor Who Experience! 2014
The far right Dalek was used by the BBC for 50th anniversary trailer - Exterminating a UNIT soldier!

-and with Tom Baker as a GENESIS DALEK!
Part original DALEK made for 50th trailer & Excel exhibit poses with Tom Baker outside The Ivy 2014

Original Dalek gun from Planet Of The Daleks
the gun installed on my 'Planet' Dalek is perhaps from the goon to the left of Terry Nation pictured
Original Dalek Gun from Goon with Tom Baker at TVC
The gun(auctioned at Longleat83) is perhaps the one to the left of Tom Baker now fitted to my Dalek

THIS gun was last seen on TV in "DESTINY OF THE DALEK" on the main Dalek leader, "BYE BYE!!!!"

It first appeared in 'Planet' Genesis' & 'Destiny'
Originally bought at Longleat 83, I bought it on eBay in 2009 its now fitted into a Dalek once again


Door pull Signs & windows from Privately owned BOX
2 textured Paint examples, Tom Baker era (left) & late Colin Baker-Sylvester McCoy era-final (right)
An original Tardis 'police public call box' sign from Baker/Davison era &prep for Tardis restoration

seal of the high council! THE REAL THING
as held by Anthony Ainley, Liz Sladen, & Pertwee! re-uinited with BESSIE!

Original screen used Marshman from 'Full Circle'
This mask is the only existing one left in its original state, no work has been done since shooting!
purchased on eBay, its one of my favourite stories
an old, delicate velvet waistcoat from Catrovalva!
JNT once said, a duplicate waistcoat was ripped up in 'Castrovalva' (this one has a Velcro seam Back

Vanir Helmet
This is from Terminus, I bought this damaged at Bonhams 2010, I have since mended it.

Kinda Artifact (jesters mask)
This prop was designed/made by Malcom Thornton. I bought this at Bonhams 2010

The Kinda tribe necklace -also used in EARTHSHOCK!
This was first auctioned at 'Longleat 83' (one of two)
Tardis roundels and wall panel
I display my original (bought at Longleat) alongside my replicas, mounted in the wall.

Nyssa & Tegans bedroom lamp in the Tardis
seen in The Visitation and again in Terminus and The Arc Of Infinity

my part replica/part original TARDIS console
only a few original parts survived the 1983 revamp, I got the co-ordinates &few other parts from JNT

My season 20 TARDIS console bits taking over home!
I've been making this accurate copy since 2006 it's now been used on screen 2013 50th anniversary trailer

screen seen Part original/part reproTARDISconsole
I am using some salvaged parts from the original to make an authentic looking representation


below is a link to a section on Flickr

click here to see more about my work on BBC Exhibitions relating to DRWHO & this console prop

A job with Sylvester in 2008
I could get out of my costume, he said, 'Lucky YOU, Im stuck in mine!!!'

My part original/part replica 'Resurrection' Dalek
some parts date back to 1970's (possibly earlier I'm told) now resides at The Doctor Who Experience


close up of gun and 70s/80s orange blaster spears
only the (JNT) dome remains from my first & only build...known as DALI

The dome's believed to be from a goon DALEK 1970's
-as is the Dalek's gun. The Eye stalk (not ball) is from "Resurrection" + neck cage & the ear lights

ORIGINAL screen seen Dalek Eye circa 1988
'Remembrance Of The Daleks' saw a new design (which I personally LOVE)
Original salvaged BBC dalek EYE FROM RMEMEBRANCE
When I acquired this it was very damaged, but I love restoring things (it's my job) now it's mended
Dalek eye from REMEMBRANCE from Mike Tucker
Pertwee & co pose with this Dalek, which features my screen used eye stalk, salvaged by Mike Tucker!
I salvaged DALEK ONE-7's discarded original BELT
I asked my good friend Mike Tucker to help me complete it round the back of the prop seamlessly!
salvaged black/silver design from 'Remembrance'
I was surprised that they didn't keep it, but was delighted to restore & add it to my SALVAGE DALEK

Nyssa's Lamp on set
to the left of Nyssa's head, you can just about see the square tea pot - now on my window sil below.

Gary didn't realise that the tea set had featured in DR WHO, and let me have it.

Tardis interior door handle. original prop
JNT had salvaged surprisingly few of these. I bought this one and its now on my Bathroom door.

a small collection of plungers and a 'movie style light', snakedance necklace...

an old Adric costume and various bits, I regret selling on ebay a few years ago...

just a peak inside my DALEK DOME

One of my most treasured items, possibly the ONLY genuine 1970's 'Planet Of The Daleks' eye stalk known to exist. (with traces of gold paint on it)
A very accurate reproduction of the 'Genisis' Dalek eye stalk compared to The 70'S Original below

My Favourite item, possibly the only last surviving 1970's 'Planet/Day Of The Daleks' eye stalk!!!

Slave braclet / necklace from The Visitation.

Cyberman gun from Longleat



a salvaged Tardis panel circa 1982-83
seen on the console during season 20 from snake dance until the retirement of the prop
An Earthshock Cyberman ' destroyed'
This is how this exhibit was preserved for 25 years, untouched after the filming of 'Attack' 1985

Now... this is something I have started and simply can't finish until its complete.
I had no idea, the day I went to Bonhams that I would have felt such disappointment that I couldn't buy a Cyberman...and I had no idea I held such a latent, passionate respect for the design and preservation, specifically for the destroyed Cyberman costume prop that seemed to be the least desirable of them all, on the day....  but having seen it way back at Longleat year after year, laying on the floor, I realised that it was actually older and of greater value than the ones standing in better condition - and would be well worth saving and cleaning up one day... little did I know, years later that I would be here breaking the bank to get hold of it and do JUST THAT! so please forgive my indulgence and manic ramblings. If you're a purist you will, I'm sure feel empathy, and if you believe that DR WHO props are a potential future investment - and a TREASURE you will understand my passion all the more, and as I said, I have started something I simply must finish.
read on....

I am merging Bonhams Lots 134 & parts of 135...
This was the only Earthshock Cyberman dating back to 1982, it was a wreck, but hidden treasure!!!
lot 135
Head of Cyberman after careful minimal restoration
Also appeared in The 5 Dr's 1983 & Attack of the Cybermen1985
The head has a distinctive dent above the left eye
This mark is unique to this cyber head, and makes it easy to identify on screen
in Attack its in the Tardis holding Perry captive!
Its also the stair crawling Cyberman that zapped Adric's logic computer at the end of EARTHSHOCK!
chest plate from Attack of The Cybermen
The Heads also seen in The 5 Doctors as the Cyber Lieutenant who says "leader, the bombs are ready!"


the inside! it has the name Ian written in it.
Who's Ian? He was the uncredited Extra from its last TV appearance, He must still be in theTardis!!!

This Earthshock glove appears black at the cuff
this is because it was folded back and tucked inside, to give the same look as the Moonboots!
The famous 'Five Doctors' glove!
It's possibly the very glove seen in the shot of the Cyber hand grabbing The Dr's through the wall
classic Earthshock tucked inside itself!
this was originally sewed folded inside, but Bonhams undid it not knowing that its supposed to be!
classic Earthshock clench!
I was very lucky to get screen used head handles
-and mouth piece, also I acquired a chest plate cover to complete it!
the original Earthshock chest centre plate cover
this is much stronger & robust & although it's heat damaged, and warped its not as bad as the latter

the immersion boiler suit was flat & solid
one of the most stressful things was forcing it on the mannequin & hearing the cracking latex rubber

back of costume complete

recent work & contributions...
2013 50th anniversary trailer props & artefacts in co-operation with Andrew Beech & EXCEL convention

All the Props on this page are privately owned artifacts from DR WHO.
As You will have seen on the Longleat 1983 celebration page, I was too young at the time to even understand what an auction was let alone go and take part, however I have since been able to buy the items which I've always wanted thanks to good old ebay!
I have always kept an eye out as an adult ever since I missed out on the 1991 Auction and then the 2005 auction.
I recently attended the auction at Bonhams and won three lovely items which I used to see every day in Longleat, I have also picked up many GREAT genuine screen seen props from other collectors (Ebay sales) and also from JNT and Gary Downie in private sales and sometimes part of payment for a professional engagement.
I have also got a few momentos form the days at Longleat!
If YOU Have anything which might be of interest to me, which you are considering selling I would love to hear from you to discuss a possible purchase. This page is for display purpose only, I am not willing to sell anything myself at this time, I'm actualy looking to add to my collection.

contact MBH

pleaseCREDIT this site before using pics elsewhere
Thanks to, JuneHudson AndrewBeech MikeTucker LorneMartin AndyHopkinson ChrisPotter ChrisBalcombe&JNT

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